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Temperature Tracking, HR Policy Enforcement, Recommended Questions, Management Notifications, Easy Reporting & More.

See TempTracker In Action

With a simple and intuitive interface, even the least tech-savvy users can use the 3-step system to find or add visitors, staff, deliveries, and contractors.

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All features are easily customizable and are up to date with CDC recommendations.


Reports can be produced based on date range, group, location, department, infection, and more. 

Covid Tracking Management

Team members with confirmed cases of Covid-19 can be easily tracked and managed.

Vaccines Administered

Indicate who has and has not been vaccinated for your records and reporting.

Team Members

Team members can answer the recommended questions prior to arriving at work or complete the steps at check-in. 


The system tracks all visitors, recording residents or team members they visit. 


Unlimited locations for facilities can be added to the Temp Tracker system.


Team members can be assigned to departments to quickly group entrants in larger facilities . 


Team members and their managers can receive email notifications of all tracked events.

Fast Find

Team members, residents, patients, and visitors can easily be located within the system.

Management Levels

Management can easily assign levels of access within the Temperature Tracker system.  

Straightforward Billing

Billing couldn’t be easier. Enter your credit card and choose your plan. You can be billed monthly or annually.