The temperature tracker app at is a Covid screening app designed strictly to aid businesses, mainly long-term care facilities (LTCF), to record and track the temperatures of employees and visitors who enter their facility.

Temperature tracking helps facilities in adhering to CDC recommendations. Following the mandates of the government can be very expensive and time consuming. However, facilities are obligated to follow recommendations as the necessity of abiding by the new regulations is obvious. The information needs to be kept and be readily available in case of infection. Tracking Covid cases is an important aspect of government regulations.

Covid Screening Questionnaire

The Covid-19 guidelines issued by the government include having everyone who enters the facility to have their temperature taken and to answer a covid screening questionnaire. These questions are promulgated by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

The guidelines stipulate that every facility, especially an LTHF, should limit and monitor all points of entry to the facility. It is recommended that they develop a system to assess individuals when they arrive at the facility. Individuals should report to the facility that they have not been exposed to others who may be infected. In addition, they should affirm that they do not have symptoms similar to that of Covid-19.

The covid screening questionnaire includes inquiries about fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, headache, and cough.


Temperature Tracking

By requesting that all individuals who enter the facility answer the covid screening questionnaire and by requesting all visitors get their temperature checked, every LTHF can be assured that they are doing all that they can to help alleviate the pandemic.

If an individual has any of the symptoms of Covid-19, he or she should not be allowed to enter the facility. These “suggestions” are for the safety of the individuals tracked as well as for the safety of those around him. Those persons who have any of the symptoms, should quarantine and stay home during the duration of any symptoms. Quarantine is usually recommended for 14 days. 

How will we know who visited what resident and when, in case that entrant comes down with the disease?
What information needs to be recorded?
How long will the information have to be stored by the facility?

One question always leads to other pertinent questions when it comes to covid screening.

One Day The Pandemic Will Be Over


Due to the pandemic, the CDC is constantly updating its recommendations. As per the CDC website (updated on April 27, 2021), LTHF are requested to “screen and triage everyone entering a healthcare facility for signs and symptoms of COVID-19”. Thus employers are encouraged to be sure that the temperature of all team members and visitors are evaluated as well as requesting them to answer a covid screening questionnaire prior to entering the facility.

It is apparent that screening for Covid 19 and the symptoms associated with it will not definitely determine whether an individual has or is developing the symptoms of Covid-19. However, it is an important part of the CDC’s strategy for identifying such individuals. Only then can appropriate safeguards can be executed.

The temperature tracking app at produces reports and notifications based on significant information for employee and visitor tracking. All of the information is available on the web as needed. No medical data is recorded so there is no problem with HIPAA violations. Finally, a relevant app for screening for covid. For his or her safety, for the safety of those around him, and for all visitor tracking, those persons with symptoms should quarantine and stay home for the required 14 days. If they are not symptom free, a longer quarantine may be necessary. In addition, testing for Covid-19 is often necessary.

The hope is that the pandemic will end soon. A major problem is that viruses have a tendency to mutate. Health care professionals and scientists are working hard to understand the challenges associated with the virus in their effort to control the outbreak for the safety of everyone.

Every person and every place of business has the responsibility for helping to alleviate the spread of Covid-19. By tracking the temperature of employees and visitors and by screening for covid, we will be closer to this goal.