Track Students, Educators,
& Staff Temperatures

Track the temperatures of your students, educators, & staff while maintaining HR policies. With our software-only, hardware-agnostic approach your organization can use whatever temperature tracking hardware you prefer.

Students, Parents, Visitors, & Staff

Different types of users have different access levels and are asked different questions. 

  • Visitors and parents must log who they are at the venue to see.
  • Staff can log themselves in, answer questions, and be ready to have their temperatures checked at the front desk.
woman teacher
teacher running a temperature tracking report

Automate Reporting

Your school may be required to report to federal, state, and local authorities on vaccinations, cases, quarantines, and more. Cut your time and increase accuracy with automated reporting systems.

  • No More Pen & Paper
  • Create Reports In Seconds
  • Export To CSV
  • Automate Reporting

Hardware Agnostic

No matter what kind of temperature tracking hardware you have in place, TempTracker will work.

  • Use your choice of hardware
  • Automate questionnaires with built-in QR codes to login or answer questions
checking temps of students entering school
scan qr code

Hand-Free Access

Visitors, Students, & Staff can simply scan a printed QR-code and answer their daily health questions.

  • Separate QR codes per facility
  • Wait-list system for people as they have finished their questionnaires

Temperature Tracking Features For Education

All features are easily customizable and are up to date with CDC recommendations.

Easy Fast Reporting

Reports can be produced based on date range, group, location, department, infection, and more. 

Infection Tracking

Team members with confirmed cases of Covid-19 can be easily tracked and managed.

Hands-Free Access

Easy system access for entrants using a QR code to answer questions.

Educators & Staff

Educators and staff can easily log into the system to answer questions ahead of coming to the venue.

Visitor Management

Track all visitors and associate them with who they are visiting.

Multiple Locations or Buildings

Unlimited locations for facilities can be added to the Temp Tracker system.


Team members can be assigned to departments to quickly group entrants in larger organizations.


Management and administration can receive email notifications of all tracked events.

Use Any Thermometer

Track temperatures using any thermometer. No specific hardware is required to use

Management Levels

Management can easily assign levels of access within the temperature tracking system.  

Track Vaccines Administered

Indicate who has and has not been vaccinated for your records and reporting.

Straightforward Billing

Billing couldn’t be easier. Enter your credit card and choose your plan. You can be billed monthly or annually.